B&Q Gift card balance | Check your B&Q gift card balance online

To check your B&Q Gift card balance online, click here.

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Where can I check my B&Q gift card balance online?

Here: You can check your B&Q gift card balance immediately online on this page of the B&Q website.

About B&Q

B&Q gift card - balloons design. Check gift card balance for B&Q

B&Q gift card

B&Q trivia – B&Q stands for Block and Quayle – the names of the original founders Richard Block and David Quale.   B&Q is now a multi-national DIY retailer with stores across the World including Ireland, and Taiwan. It is the largest DIY retailer in China, as well as holding the number one spot here in the United Kingdom.  B&Q has 359 stores in the UK, so there’s probably one near you – you can check by using their store finder.

Where can I spend my B&Q gift card?

You can spend your gift card at any B&Q store in the UK, including stores in Northern Ireland.  You can also spend B&Q gift cards (plastic cards AND e-gift cards) on their website at www.diy.com

Where can I buy B&Q gift cards?

  • You can pick up B&Q gift cards at any B&Q store in the UK.
  • You can find B&Q gift cards at some supermarkets, including at Morrisons.
  • You can purchase B&Q gift cards at the B&Q gift card website. These are sent by post in 2 days.  Postage starts from £2.
  • You can get “electronic” vouchers by email from the B&Q e-gift card website.  These are sent by email for you to print and take to the store.  These can be sent immediately or you can have them sent at a date in the future.  You can also purchase them to be emailed them directly to someone else as a gift or reward with your own personal message- very nifty!

What else do I need to know about B&Q gift cards?

The card is valid for 5 years after which time you will lose any balance left on the card.  However the terms state you can restart the clock on this by doing a balance check, so, if you are unsure you should go to the B&Q website to check your balance – this way you’ll know the card is valid for 5 years again!

What about the balance on a B&Q decorating cards?

If you want to check the balance of a B&Q Decorating card you can use the same balance checker.  Please note that B&Q Decorating Cards generally have shorter validity periods, and may expire 12 months after issue – so check the terms and conditions which are printed on the back of the B&Q Decorating card you have received.

Wickes Gift Card Balance | Check Wickes Giftcard Balance online

About Wickes

Wickes Gift Card

Wickes Gift Card

Wickes is a chain of over 200 DIY and trade stores operating solely in the United Kingdom, now owned by Travis Perkins.  The store group has grown rapidly in recent years, having taken over selected sites previously operated by the defunct Focus Do-It-All.  Although Wickes sells a number of very well known brands including Dulux paints, Karcher washers and Makita power-tools, it is perhaps best known for it’s own brand products which are favoured by trade customers and sold under the tag-line ‘Wickes:  It’s got our name on it’.

Where can I check my Wickes Giftcard Balance online?

You can check the balance of your Wickes Giftcard balance by visiting any of their stores.  Click here to find your nearest Wickes store.

You can check the balance of your Wickes Giftcard immediately online by clicking here and entering the details.

Where can I buy a Wickes gift card?

You can buy a Wickes gift card from any of their stores.  Click here to find your nearest Wickes store.

As the moment, it’s not possible to buy a Wickes giftcard online, however they have announced on their website that this function is ‘coming soon’ so we will of course update this page when this happens.

Where can I spend my Wickes gift card?

You can spend a Wickes gift card at any of their stores.

Currently, it is not possible to use their giftcards to make purchases on the wickes.co.uk website, nor is it possible to use them to pay for goods you order over the telephone.

Anything else I need to know about Wickes gift cards?

The Wickes gift card will expire and any balance carried on the card will be lost if it is not used for a period of 24 months.  “Use” includes making a purchase, topping up the card in-store or having a refund processed onto the card.  It does not include making a balance enquiry.  Be sure to use your Wickes gift card within the 24 month period otherwise you will lose your credit.

You cannot spend the card on the wickes.co.uk website, it is only accepted in stores.

IKEA Gift Cards balance | Check Ikea Gift Card Balance

About IKEA

IKEA gift card

IKEA gift card

Sweden’s most famous export (after The Bridge, Volvos and the Chef from the Muppets), Ikea was founded in 1943 as a mail order business, opening its first store in Älmhult, Småland in 1958.

It’s now the world’s largest furniture retailer with 384 stores in 48 countries.

Where can I check my IKEA gift card balance?

IKEA don’t offer an online facility for checking the balance on their gift cards – if this changes we will of course update this page!

You can check the balance on your Ikea gift card at any Ikea store.  Check here to find your nearest IKEA store.

IKEA say that your local store will check your gift card for you over the phone.  So click here to find your nearest IKEA store’s telephone number and give them a call.

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