Schuh giftcard balance | Check Schuh gift card balance online

About Schuh

Schuh Gift Card

Schuh Gift Card

Schuh is a chain of fashion shoe shops with 118 shoe shops in Britain and Ireland. Find your nearest branch of Schuh here.  Particularly popular with teens and those in their twenties and thirties, Schuh predominantly sells branded footwear and their brands include Converse, Vans, UGG, Nike, Sketchers and Adidas.  For fashion conscious teens, their gift cards can make the perfect gift.

Where can I check my Schuh giftcard balance?

You can check your Schuh giftcard balance by handing the card to a member of staff at any of their shoe shops.  Click here to find your nearest Schuh store.

You can check your Schuh giftcard balance online by clicking here.

You can call Schuh customer services on 0845 307 2484.

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Primark Gift Card Balance | Check Primark giftcard balance online

About Primark

Primark Gift Card

Primark Gift Card

Primark is owned by Associated British Foods and has it’s headquarters in Dublin. It has stores across Europe and now in the United States, over 300 stores in total. Primark specialises in ‘Fast Fashion’ offering the latest styles at really cheap prices. As well as clothing for all the family, Primark offers a ‘Home’ collection in bigger stores featuring a range of homewares for Bathroom, Bedroom and living.

Where can I check my Primark Giftcard balance?

  • You can check your Primark Giftcard balance immediately online by clicking here.
  • You can hand over your card at any Primark store till and the team member will check your balance for you. To find your nearest Primark store, click here.

Where can I spend my Primark gift card?

You can spend the card at any of Primark’s stores in the UK. To find your nearest Primark store, click here.

You can’t spend the Primark gift card online at their website simply because the website just provides a catalogue for the stores – orders are not accepted online.

Where can I buy a Primark Gift Card?

Cards are on sale at all Primark stores in the UK.

Cards can also be purchased from selected retailers, including Sainsbury’s and Wilko.

Primark have an official online gift card store at delivery costs start at £2.00.

Primark have now started selling e-gift cards online as well. These are delivered directly to you by email (free delivery) or, you can send them direct to someone else and even specify exactly when you would like it to be sent, which is a great feature for sending on Christmas Day or a birthday. The Primark e-gift store is at You just print them out and take them along to the store.


Anything else I should know about Primark Gift Cards?

A Primark Gift card will expire 2 years after the last use.  This excludes balance enquiries, so “last use” includes only a purchase made with the card in-store, a top-up or a refund to the card.  After 2 years the card will expire and any value remaining on the card will be lost.

Primark giftcards bought in the UK can only be spent in the UK – so they can’t be used in Primark stores in Ireland (also known as Penney’s) or in other countries in Europe.

Fat Face Gift card balance | Check FatFace gift card balance online

About FatFace

FatFace Gift Card

FatFace Gift Card

Fatface has a great back-story!  Founded in 1988 by two friends (one an ex-copper, the other out of business school) in the French Ski resort of Méribel, FatFace is named after the Face de Bellevarde slope in Val-d’Isère. The pair started the business by buying T-Shirts wholesale and printing them up with their own designs.  The first UK store was opened in London’s Fulham Road, and the company now has over 200 UK stores and a growing web-presence and following in the UK and United States.  The company designs all its clothes in the UK and clothes are repeatedly washed before sale to give them a ‘lived in favourite’ feel from new.

Where can I check my FatFace giftcard balance?

  • You can check your FatFace giftcard balance at any of their UK stores.  Click here to find your nearest store.
  • You can call their customer services (normal rates, normal hours) on 0239 2441234 to request your balance.
  • Although the card says you can check your balance online (on the back) at the moment, you can’t because their online balance checker isn’t working.  (At August 2016, we’ll update this when it changes).

Where can I buy a FatFace gift card?

You can buy a FatFace gift card from any of their UK stores.  Click here to find your nearest store.

You can buy a FatFace giftcard online for delivery to you or your intended recipient from the FatFace online gift card store.

Where can I spend my FatFace gift card?

The card is welcomed at any of the UK stores.  Click here to find your nearest store.

The giftcard can also be used on the Fatface website at

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Anything else I need to know?

The card will expire 24 months after it’s last use.  Last use includes purchase of the card (so if you buy a card, you have 2 years to spend it), a transaction made on the card (so if you spend part of a card, you have 2 years from then to spend the rest) or a balance enquiry (so you can reset the clock by checking the balance).

The website can only accept a maximum of three giftcards per purchase online.


Sports Direct Gift card | Check Sports Direct Giftcard balance online

About Sports Direct

Sports Direct Gift Card

Sports Direct Gift Card

Sports Direct was founded in 1982 by Mike Ashley and has grown to be one of the biggest sportswear retailers in Europe, having bought out groups including Lillywhites, USC along the way to trade out of almost 700 stores in 25 countries. It also owns a lot of key sporting brands including Lonsdale, Slazenger and Dunlop. The group has invested heavily in its stores in the last few years, transforming many of them from discount format stores to brighter, organised stores carrying a much wider range of top brands like Adidas, New Balance, Puma and Nike.

Where can I check my Sports Direct gift card balance?

You can check the balance of a Sportsdirect card at any of their stores. Check here for your nearest Sports Direct store – you can also find the phone number of your nearest store here.

You can call Sports Direct for customer services on 0843 850 2455.

An online balance check for the Sports Direct giftcard is not yet available on the Sports Direct website.  We will update our pages if this changes though!

Where can I buy a Sports Direct gift card?

Sports Direct gift cards are available in all Sports Direct stores in the UK.

Sports Direct gift cards are not available directly from the Sports Direct website, but are available in denominations of £10, £20 and £30 from HighStreetVouchers. Minimum order is £20. If you order between £30 and £100 then first class postage is free.

Where can I spend Sports Direct gift cards?

You can spend your Sports Direct giftcard at any Sportsdirect UK store. The gift card cannot be used in Sports Direct stores in Europe. The gift card can also be redeemed on the Sports Direct website,,,, and  As of 2016, Sports Direct is rapidly opening new stores across the UK.  Click here to find your nearest Sports Direct group store.

Sports Direct giftcard redemption conditions?

If you have a discount voucher for use in Sports Direct, they won’t let you use it with the gift card (this is according to their conditions – might be worth a try!)

Sports Direct Gift cards are valid for 24 months from the initial purchase. If you have any balance left on the card after 24 months, the giftcard will be cancelled and you will lose your money.

Dorothy Perkins Gift card | Check Dorothy Perkins Gift card balance

About Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins Gift Card

Dorothy Perkins Gift Card

Dorothy Perkins has been around since 1919, though it was founded as H P Newman ten years earlier. Now part of the Arcadia group that includes Topshop, Topman, Burton, Evans, Outfit and Wallis, Dorothy Perkins has hundreds of high street and shopping centre stores in Britain, and overseas stores in such far flung locations as Malaysia and Peru.

Dorothy Perkins have most of their clothing lines in sizes 6-22, they also sell shoes in sizes 3-9.  They also have a ‘petite’ range which is aimed at women under 5′ 3″.

How can I check my Dorothy Perkins Gift Card balance?

  1. You can call Dorothy Perkins on 0844 848 8021 (calls cost 5p/min PLUS network extras).
  2. You can visit this page of the Dorothy Perkins website to check your card balance
  3. You can check your balance in any Dorothy Perkins store.

Where can I buy a Dorothy Perkins Gift Card?

  1. You can purchase a Dorothy Perkins giftcard at any of their UK stores.
  2. You can purchase a Dorothy Perkins card for you or a friend online from their official gift card store   Note, there is a delivery fee of £2 (when we last checked).
  3. You can buy a Dorothy Perkins gift card by email to be sent to your email address or sent directly to that of a friend or relative – and not have to wait for the post.  There is no delivery fee for the “e-gift” and they are available at

You can buy an Arcadia group gift card, which can be spent in all Arcadia group stores including Dorothy Perkins from some supermarkets, including Morrisons and Sainsburys.

Where else can I spend Dorothy Perkins Gift cards?

You can redeem Dorothy Perkins gift cards in any Arcadia group store, including Topshop, Topman, Wallis, Evans, Burton and Outfit.

Does a Dorothy Perkins gift card expire?

Yes.  If your Dorothy Perkins gift card is not used for a period of 2 years it will be cancelled and you will lose any balance on the card. You can only use your Dorothy Perkins gift card in UK stores – it is not valid overseas.

Monsoon Gift Card Balance | Check Monsoon Gift Card Balance

About Monsoon

Monsoon Gift Card

Monsoon Gift Card

Monsoon (Monsoon Accessorize) is a UK fashion retailer established in 1973 by Peter

Simon, who still controls the business.  The business was started as a market stall, with the first shop opening in London’s Beuchamp Place.  The business now has about 1400 locations in 74 different countries.

Monsoon is known for it’s theatrical window-dressing and edgier, more premium product than high street competitors.

Where can I check my Monsoon Gift Card Balance?

You can check your Monsoon Gift Card balance on their website by clicking here.

You can check your Monsoon Gift Card balance at any Monsoon or Accessorize store. If you would like to find your nearest store, check out the store-finder page.

TK Maxx Gift Card balance | Check TK Maxx Giftcard balance online

TK Maxx Gift CardAbout TK Maxx

TK Maxx is the European arm of the US discount store group TJ Maxx (known to the Americans as TJ’s).  It trades as TK Maxx in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Poland.  The group specialises in discounted, branded merchandise from top brands including Diesel, Levis, Superdry and Ted Baker.  Stock can be past season, but there is an increasing range of current season merchandise in store.  Prices are advertised as up to 60% off RRP – so there’s always the chance of a good bargain here.

The stores receive regular (sometimes daily) deliveries and never know what they are going to receive from their buyers.

TK Maxx is full of bargains and is a fun place to shop – although you rarely come out with what you went in for – which is half the fun of shopping there!

Where can I check my TK Maxx Gift balance?

  1. You can check your gift card balance by taking the card to any TK Maxx or Homesense store in the UK.
  2. You can check your TK Maxx gift card balance online at (see the balance check link 2/3 down the page).

Where can I buy TK Maxx Gift Cards?

  1. You can buy TK Maxx gift cards in any TK Maxx store in the UK.  There are over 280 stores in the UK.  You can also buy from their sister company Homesense, there are 30+ Homesense stores.
  2. You can find TK Maxx gift cards in several supermarkets, including Morrisons.
  3. You can buy TK Maxx gift cards online from their website – delivery within a couple of days, choose the design of the card you want to receive.
  4. Online only – you can buy electronic TK Maxx gift cards to be delivered instantly by email.  You simply print these out and take them into the store, or show them on a mobile phone at the till.

Where can I spend TK Maxx gift cards?

You can spend your TK Maxx gift cards in any TK Maxx store in the UK and Northern Ireland.  The TK Maxx gift card doesn’t have an expiry date, so no rush to spend.  TK Maxx have stores in Ireland and Poland, you can’t use your British Pound £ sterling gift cards in these stores, although they do sell their own cards in Euros.

At the moment, you can only use TK Maxx gift cards and electronic gift cards in the stores – you can’t spend them online at the TK Maxx website 🙁

You can also spend TK Maxx gift cards at their sister company, Homesense.



MAC Gift card | Check MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics Gift Card Balance

About MAC

MAC gift cards

MAC gift cards

MAC (Make-up Art Cosmetics) often written as M·A·C is an American make-up company founded in 1984 in Toronto. More recently, it was bought out by the Estee Lauder group of companies. M·A·C is known for its stylish black boxes. Fans of its cosmetics swear by the foundations, eye shadows and lip-glosses. M·A·C has a devoted following worldwide among stylish women and increasingly, men.

Where can I check my MAC giftcard balance?

You can enter your gift card details on the MAC giftcard balance checker to see your latest balance.

Where can I spend my MAC gift card?

OK, this is where is gets complicated.  The card is welcome at MAC “Boutique” stores.  Basically, these are stores owned by MAC.  In the UK, there are 7 of these dotted around London.

You can buy MAC cosmetics in some department stores, such as those in House of Fraser, but you can’t use the giftcard here.

MAC have a few stores in UK airports, particularly Heathrow, but for some reason you can’t use the cards here.

MAC have a mail order operation, but you can’t use the cards here.

MAC have an online store at – you can use your MAC cosmetics gift card here.

Where can I buy a MAC cosmetics gift card?

Some department stores, such as House of Fraser, offer MAC cosmetics branded gift cards – confusingly though, these are really just House of Fraser gift cards – so you can use them there, but nowhere else.

You can buy “MAC” gift cards, which can be redeemed at their stores and on their online shopping site from any of the MAC Boutique stores in the UK.

You can buy MAC gift cards online from their website at – they also have an electronic version of the gift card for instant delivery at   Interestingly, they don’t charge for postage.

There’s another option too, and quite a modern one.  Go to “Giftoff” and you can buy a MAC gift card using Bitcoins!

Does a MAC cosmetics gift card expire?

No.  Their website states that their gift card has “No fixed expiry date” so you can take your time spending it!

Check H&M Gift Card Balance | H&M Gift Voucher Balance checker


H&M Gift Card

About H&M

H&M (Henne and Mauritz) was founded in Sweden in 1947 and has since branched out across the World with it’s distinctive style, fast fashion and keen pricing.  H&M has 245 stores in the UK, you can find your nearest H&M store using their store finder page.

Where can I check my H&M Gift Card Balance?

At 2nd July 2016, the facility to check H&M UK giftcard balances online has been temporarily withdrawn from the H&M website whilst technical issues are resolved.  H&M will update their page once the service is available again.  The balance checker page can be found here:

You can present your H&M gift card in any H&M store to find out the balance.

Where can I buy an H&M Gift Card?

  • H&M gift cards are available from all H&M stores in the UK.  They cannot be bought from the H&M website though.
  • You can buy H&M giftcards at several supermarkets, including Morrisons.
  • You can buy an H&M gift card online from Tesco’s giftcard store. (up to a maximum of £100, delivery charges between £1.50 and £4.95 apply).

Where can I use my H&M Gift Card?

H&M gift cards are welcome at any H&M store in the UK.  They can’t be used to pay for goods on H&M mail/telephone orders, and they can not currently be used to pay for goods from the H&M online website.

You need to use the card within 24 months, after which time any balance on the card will expire.


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