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About MAC

MAC gift cards

MAC gift cards

MAC (Make-up Art Cosmetics) often written as M·A·C is an American make-up company founded in 1984 in Toronto. More recently, it was bought out by the Estee Lauder group of companies. M·A·C is known for its stylish black boxes. Fans of its cosmetics swear by the foundations, eye shadows and lip-glosses. M·A·C has a devoted following worldwide among stylish women and increasingly, men.

Where can I check my MAC giftcard balance?

You can enter your gift card details on the MAC giftcard balance checker to see your latest balance.

Where can I spend my MAC gift card?

OK, this is where is gets complicated.  The card is welcome at MAC “Boutique” stores.  Basically, these are stores owned by MAC.  In the UK, there are 7 of these dotted around London.

You can buy MAC cosmetics in some department stores, such as those in House of Fraser, but you can’t use the giftcard here.

MAC have a few stores in UK airports, particularly Heathrow, but for some reason you can’t use the cards here.

MAC have a mail order operation, but you can’t use the cards here.

MAC have an online store at – you can use your MAC cosmetics gift card here.

Where can I buy a MAC cosmetics gift card?

Some department stores, such as House of Fraser, offer MAC cosmetics branded gift cards – confusingly though, these are really just House of Fraser gift cards – so you can use them there, but nowhere else.

You can buy “MAC” gift cards, which can be redeemed at their stores and on their online shopping site from any of the MAC Boutique stores in the UK.

You can buy MAC gift cards online from their website at – they also have an electronic version of the gift card for instant delivery at   Interestingly, they don’t charge for postage.

There’s another option too, and quite a modern one.  Go to “Giftoff” and you can buy a MAC gift card using Bitcoins!

Does a MAC cosmetics gift card expire?

No.  Their website states that their gift card has “No fixed expiry date” so you can take your time spending it!

Check H&M Gift Card Balance | H&M Gift Voucher Balance checker


H&M Gift Card

About H&M

H&M (Henne and Mauritz) was founded in Sweden in 1947 and has since branched out across the World with it’s distinctive style, fast fashion and keen pricing.  H&M has 245 stores in the UK, you can find your nearest H&M store using their store finder page.

Where can I check my H&M Gift Card Balance?

At 2nd July 2016, the facility to check H&M UK giftcard balances online has been temporarily withdrawn from the H&M website whilst technical issues are resolved.  H&M will update their page once the service is available again.  The balance checker page can be found here:

You can present your H&M gift card in any H&M store to find out the balance.

Where can I buy an H&M Gift Card?

  • H&M gift cards are available from all H&M stores in the UK.  They cannot be bought from the H&M website though.
  • You can buy H&M giftcards at several supermarkets, including Morrisons.
  • You can buy an H&M gift card online from Tesco’s giftcard store. (up to a maximum of £100, delivery charges between £1.50 and £4.95 apply).

Where can I use my H&M Gift Card?

H&M gift cards are welcome at any H&M store in the UK.  They can’t be used to pay for goods on H&M mail/telephone orders, and they can not currently be used to pay for goods from the H&M online website.

You need to use the card within 24 months, after which time any balance on the card will expire.


Outfit Gift Card balance checker | Outfit Giftcard Balance

About Outfit stores

Outfit Gift Card

Outfit Gift Card

Outfit began life under the Sears group in 1995 when the first store opened in Nottingham on the Riverside Retail Park. Outfit stores house a range of popular stores, many of them owned by the Arcadia group who are also the ultimate owner of Outfit themselves.

Outfit stores are typically on retail parks and include the Arcadia brands Burton, Topshop, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins, Topman and Evans. They also include concessions for other store groups, with many Outfit stores also including clothes from Warehouse and Oasis.

The Outfit gift card can be used in all Arcadia group stores as well as at Outfit. The Outfit card can also be spent online at Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Topman, Evans, Wallis and Burton. Outfit doesn’t currently have it’s own online store, but you can use the card at the websites of these other brands.

Where can I check my Outfit gift card balance?

You can check your Outfit card balance online by visiting the Outfit website

Where can I buy an Outfit gift card?

You can by Outfit gift cards in any Outfit stores in the UK – see here for a store finder

You can also purchase Outfit gift cards online to be sent by post from the official Outfit gift card website


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