Check ASDA gift card balance online

ASDA gift card

ASDA gift card

About ASDA

ASDA is the UK’s third largest supermarket group and is in the process of being sold from Walmart (the world’s biggest retailer) to the British businessmen the Issa brothers. For clarity, the sale of ASDA has no bearing on the validity of ASDA giftcards which can continue to be used. The name ASDA derives from a merger of ‘Asquith’ and Associated Dairies in the 1960s. ASDA has 525 stores in the UK.  You can locate your nearest ASDA store by clicking here

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Sainsburys Gift Card Balance | Check Sainsburys Gift Card Balance

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s is categorised as an essential retailer during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. All stores are open, and all accept the Sainsbury’s gift card.

Please note that Sainsbury’s gift cards can also be used in conjunction with self-checkout facilities and self-scan, which may assist you in limiting contact with others during your shopping trip.

Sainsbury’s are observing social distancing in their stores and are only permitting adults to visit individually, not as groups or couples.

About Sainsbury’s

Sainsburys Gift Card

Sainsburys Gift Card

Sainsbury’s is the 2nd biggest supermarket having the top spot from the mid 60’s through to 1995 when it was trumped by Tesco.  Sainsbury’s was founded in 1869 by John Sainsbury.  The store dropped the ‘J’ for John from it’s signage in the late 1990s.

Sainsbury’s has about 600 full size supermarkets and 750 convenience (“Sainsbury’s Local”) stores.

Where can I use a Sainsbury’s gift card?

Sainsbury’s gift cards are welcome in any of the UK full size supermarkets and convenience stores.

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Marks and Spencer Gift card balance | Check M&S gift card balance online

How can I check my Marks and Spencer gift card balance online?

Start here: Marks and Spencer balance checker.

About Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer Gift Card

Marks and Spencer Gift Card

M&S was founded 133 years ago in Leeds and has grown to over 800 UK stores. Marks and Spencer sells over 10% of all menswear in the UK and an amazing 25% of all underwear!  Marks and Spencer’s food hall offers an excellent selection of fresh foods, groceries and wines – M&S often have special ‘dine-in’ meal deals that are great value and very popular indeed.

Where can I check my Marks and Spencer Gift card balance online?

  1. In order to check your Marks and Spencer gift card balance online, you need to have registered for an account on the Marks and Spencer website.  You will then find a ‘Check your giftcard balance’ link beneath the ‘Payments’ heading.
  2. Or,  call Marks and Spencer customer services for a balance on 0333 014 8777.  This telephone number is operated by M&S, and normal call rates apply.
  3. If you bought your Marks and Spencer giftcard from an M&S store, the amount loaded to the card will be printed on the receipt.

Where can I buy a Marks and Spencer giftcard?

Marks and Spencer e-Gift Card

Marks and Spencer e-Gift Card

You can buy Marks and Spencer e-gift cards online from the M&S website.  These work the same way as a traditional plastic card but are delivered by email instantly, so there are no fees for delivery!

You can also buy traditional plastic giftcards from the M&S website too, there are a selection of free presentation cards to choose from but there will be a £3.50 delivery charge.  For cheaper delivery, see Voucher Express who sell M&S giftcards with delivery from £1.75.

You can pick up Marks and Spencer gift cards from any Marks and Spencer store in the UK.

You’ll find Marks and Spencer giftcards in other high street stores, including Wilko.

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