Check John Lewis gift card balance online

How do I check my John Lewis gift card balance online?

To check your John Lewis gift card balance by entering the details of your gift card into their online gift card page, found here: John Lewis giftcard balance checker.

About John Lewis and Waitrose

John Lewis is the largest employee-owned business in the UK and the second largest mutual

John Lewis Gift card balance

John Lewis Giftcard

retail operation after the Co-op. They have 49 John Lewis department stores and 344 Waitrose food shops.

A respected high street name for over 150 years, John Lewis’s online shop at is one of the UK’s most-visited shopping websites. There’s unrivalled choice with thousands of products and famous brands across fashion, home and electricals. John Lewis’s Never Knowingly Undersold  promise means their market-leading service and quality comes at the most competitive price.

Where can I check my John Lewis gift card balance online?

If you have a John Lewis gift card you can check the balance online by entering the details here: John Lewis giftcard balance checker   You’ll need the 19 digit card number found on the back of the card and also the 6 digit PIN (this is found under the scratch-panel on the back of the card).

You can also check your gift card balance at any John Lewis or Waitrose till by handing the card to the member of staff. You can find your nearest John Lewis shop by clicking here.

Where can I buy a John Lewis gift card?

You can buy a John Lewis giftcard at any John Lewis or Waitrose store in the UK.

You can buy a John Lewis giftcard online for delivery to yourself or direct to someone else from the John Lewis’s official giftcard website at

Where can I spend my John Lewis gift card?

You can spend the John Lewis giftcard at any of the 49 John Lewis shops, any of the 344 Waitrose shops and also on their websites at and

The John Lewis Partnership gift card is also welcomed on the Waitrose Cellar website.

Anything else I should know about John Lewis Gift Cards?

The John Lewis giftcard is valid for 24 months from the date of the last transaction (which counts as a purchase, a refund to the card or a balance enquiry).  Because a balance enquiry counts as a transaction you can extend the expiry date of the card for an extra 2 years simply by making an online balance check. This might be particularly important if you are buying the card as a gift for someone else.

The John Lewis Partnership giftcard can be loaded with a maximum of £500 so if you want to give more than £500 of John Lewis giftcards you will need to purchase more than one card.  Once the card has been loaded, it cannot be ‘topped up’.

John Lewis gift cards can be spent at at both John Lewis shops and Waitrose stores.  John Lewis giftcards can be spent online at and

John Lewis gift cards are a popular choice for wedding gifts and are also a great choice for expectant mothers and fathers, as every John Lewis shop has a baby and nursery department with everything you can think of for a nursery, playroom and that all important hospital bag.

You don’t have to spend it all at once!  Any balance remaining after making your purchase will be saved on the card for your future use and you’ll have another 2 years in which to spend it.

Argos Gift Cards | Check Argos gift card balance online

Argos Gift Card Balance

Argos Gift Card Balance

Where can I check my Argos UK Gift Card balance?

You can check your Argos gift card balance in any Argos store or by calling Argos on 0845 640 0884.

If you have a plastic Argos gift card you can check the balance online here at the Argos site. This page has recently changed.  To check your balance online, log in to Argos here then click the button that looks like this:

Argos Gift Card Balance Checker

Argos Gift Card Balance Checker


Where can I spend my Argos Gift Card?

Argos have over 750 stores in the UK and are opening more all the time, particularly smaller formats in Sainsbury’s stores.  It’s estimated that 96% of the UK population are within 10 minutes of an Argos store.  Argos gift cards can be used in any of their stores and, great news – most of their giftcards are now redeemable on the Argos website!  So long as:

1. The card hasn’t expired
2. The card has a 4-digit security PIN (if not, don’t worry you can still spend it at an Argos store, but only cards with PINs can be checked online)
3. The card number starts with 10000

Argos has 39 stores in the Republic of Ireland, however it’s not possible to spend UK Argos gift cards there.

Where can I buy Argos gift cards?

You can purchase Argos gift cards in-store at any Argos store in the UK.

Argos gift cards are also available to buy at major supermarkets, including Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

You can buy Argos gift cards up to £500 online from their official website.  There is a charge for postage and a free gift wallet with your own message can be included with each order. You can arrange to have the gift card(s) sent straight to the person you want to give it to, and even choose when you want it to arrive.  They only deliver cards to the UK.

You can also buy e-Gift cards from their official gift card website (  These are delivered by email straight away so there is no delivery charge.  You can also have them sent at a specific date and time, like Christmas or Birthdays, and send them straight to the recipient.  Argos e-Gift cards are available in amounts from £10-£250.

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Anything else I should know about Argos gift cards?

You can’t currently use an Argos giftcard at the QuickPay payment kiosks in-store, so you’ll need to go to a staffed till to pay.

Marks and Spencer Gift card balance | Check M&S gift card balance

How can I check my Marks and Spencer gift card balance online?

Start here: Marks and Spencer balance checker.

About Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer gift card

Marks and Spencer gift card

M&S was founded 133 years ago in Leeds and has grown to over 800 UK stores. Marks and Spencer sells over 10% of all menswear in the UK and an amazing 25% of all underwear!  Marks and Spencer’s food hall offers an excellent selection of fresh foods, groceries and wines – M&S often have special ‘dine-in’ meal deals that are great value and very popular indeed.

Where can I check my Marks and Spencer Gift card balance online?

  1. In order to check your Marks and Spencer gift card balance online, you need to have registered for an account on the Marks and Spencer website.  You will then find a ‘Check your giftcard balance’ link beneath the ‘Payments’ heading.
  2. Or,  call Marks and Spencer customer services for a balance on 0333 014 8777.  This telephone number is operated by M&S, and normal call rates apply.
  3. If you bought your Marks and Spencer giftcard from an M&S store, the amount loaded to the card will be printed on the receipt.

Where can I buy a Marks and Spencer giftcard?

Marks and Spencer e-gift card

Marks and Spencer e-gift card

You can buy Marks and Spencer e-gift cards online from the M&S website.  These work the same way as a traditional plastic card but are delivered by email instantly, so there are no fees for delivery!

You can also buy traditional plastic giftcards from the M&S website too, there are a selection of free presentation cards to choose from but there will be a £3.50 delivery charge.  For cheaper delivery, see Voucher Express who sell M&S giftcards with delivery from £1.75.

You can pick up Marks and Spencer gift cards from any Marks and Spencer store in the UK.

You’ll find Marks and Spencer giftcards in other high street stores, including Wilko.

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Debenhams Gift Cards | Check Debenhams Gift Card Balance online

About Debenhams and Debenhams Gift Cards

Debenhams Gift Card

Debenhams Gift Card

Debenhams started from a single London store selling drapes in 1778, then called ‘Clark’s’. William Debenham joined as a partner in 1813.  The store traded successfully and eventually renamed as Debenhams Limited in 1905.  Debenhams expanded by opening new stores and acquiring other famous department store groups, including Browns of Chester.  At one point Debenhams owned Harvey Nichol’s famous Knightsbridge store.

There are 178 Debenhams stores in the UK and Ireland, and several franchised Debenhams units overseas.  Whilst many department stores have recently fallen out of favour, Debenhams continues to succeed through its own mix of designer brands and exclusive designers available only through their stores. Click here to find your nearest Debenhams store.


Where can I check my Debenhams gift card balance?

You can check your Debenhams gift card balance by using this Debenhams balance enquiry page.  Click here for Debenhams Gift Card Balance

You can also check your giftcard balance at any Debenhams store in the UK, simply hand over the card at any till point and a staff member can obtain the balance for you.


Where can I spend my Debenhams gift card?

You can spend a Debenhams gift card at any Debenhams UK store, and also online at their website.

You can also spend the card at selected Debenhams online locations, including the Debenhams Electrical store, Debenhams Plus Electrical.


Does a Debenhams gift card expire?

If the card is not used for a purchase, top-up or balance enquiry for a period of 24 months, it will be cancelled and any value on that card will be lost.


Where can I buy a Debenhams gift card?

Debenhams gift cards are available at all Debenhams stores, supermarkets including Sainsbury’s and some petrol stations, including Shell.

You can buy a Debenhams card to be sent to your home address via the Debenhams gift card website here.

If you want to send your Debenhams gift card to someone else as a gift, they have a separate web site for this here.

Debenhams have a separate gift card site for making personalised plastic gift cards – you can have your own photo or message printed on the card and sent as a gift – what a cool idea!  This is particularly well suited to birthday and wedding gifts, and they don’t charge any more to personalise the cards (prices last checked April 2017).  This is a particularly cool feature and we’re sure other retailers will be copying it before long.  Have a look at their personalised gift card site here.


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Next Giftcard balance | Check Next gift card balance online

Next gift card

Next gift card

About Next

By sales, Next is the largest clothing retailer in the UK. It boasts over 700 stores, 500 of them in the UK with the rest spread across continental Europe and the Middle East. As well as a high street and shopping park presence, Next operates a successful directory business. Founded in Leeds by Joseph Hepworth (the Hepworth House building still bears his name) Next moved to Leicester in the 1980s with the intention of being closer to its suppliers. The company is still headquartered in Leicester and has been incredibly successful.

Where can I check my Next Giftcard balance?

You cannot currently check the balance of your Next Giftcard online, although you can use the cards on their online checkout.

You can call Next on 0333 777 8800 (this is a local call rate number, and will be included if you have minutes bundled on your mobile plan). This telephone number is operated by Next.

You can check the balance by presenting the card at a till-point in any Next store in the UK.

Where can I buy a Next gift card?

As you’d expect, you can buy them from any Next store.  They are also sold at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and Wilkinsons.

You can buy gift cards by post from the Next Flowers site (you can also order flowers, though this is optional!)  There are a range of different designs available – click here to see them.  Delivery from Next starts from £3.00.

You can also buy Next e-gift cards (delivered electronically by email, for printing to take in-store or using online) from their website at  No delivery charges on e-vouchers.

Where can I spend my Next gift card?

You can spend the Next gift card at any Next store in the UK but cannot currently be redeemed on their website, however they say that they are introducing this soon.  If you have a Next Directory account, you can also apply a giftcard to this.

Anything else I should know?

You cannot currently spend Next giftcards on their website.

Cards are valid for 24 months from the last transaction.  If you top-up your card (“re-load”) the card in-store, this will give you another 24 months validity – so, if your card is nearing expiry and you’re not ready to spend it, you might want to consider topping it up in-store to avoid losing the value.


House of Fraser Gift Card Balance | Check House of Fraser card balance

About House of Fraser – check my House of Fraser Gift Card Balance

House of Fraser was founded as ‘Arthur and Fraser’ in Glasgow in 1849, later changing its

House of Fraser Giftcard

House of Fraser Giftcard

name to ‘Fraser & Sons’.  The chain has expanded through acquisition to over 60 stores in the UK and Ireland.  Former famous brands consumed into House of Fraser include Binns, Army & Navy Stores, Dickens & Jones.

Some House of Fraser stores trade under their traditional names, for example Rackhams.

The store offers a wide selection of premium label brands and has an innovative clothes sizing system on its website which can help to ensure clothes bought online are the perfect fit.  House of Fraser offers free next day delivery to store for orders received before midnight.

Where can I check my House of Fraser gift card balance?

House of Fraser’s online balance checker is accessible online through their checkout pages. Look out for the balance checker box shown in the picture below.  You do not have to complete a purchase in order to check your balance.  Click here to start the process on the House of Fraser website.

House of Fraser giftcard balance

House of Fraser giftcard balance



Gift card balances can be checked at any House of Fraser store by handing the card to a member of staff at the till.

House of Fraser customer services can be reached on 0345 602 1073.

Where can I spend my House of Fraser gift card?

You can spend your House of Fraser gift card online at their website and also at their UK stores, which are; Altrincham (Rackhams), Aylesbury, Bath (Jollys), Birkenhead (Beatties), Birmingham, Bluewater, Stone/Greenhithe, Bournemouth, Bristol, Camberley, Carlisle, Cheltenham, Chichester, Cirencester, Croydon, Darlington, Epsom, Exeter, Gateshead, MetroCentre, Guildford, High Wycombe, Huddersfield, Hull, London (King William Street), London (Oxford Street), London (Victoria Street), London (Westfield), Leamington Spa, Leeds (Briggate), Lincoln, Maidstone, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Plymouth, Reading, Richmond upon Thames, Sheffield (Meadowhall), Shrewsbury, Skipton (Rackhams), Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Telford, West Thurrock (Lakeside), Wolverhampton (Beatties), Worcester.

Where can I buy a House of Fraser gift card?

You can buy a House of Fraser giftcard at any of the UK House of Fraser stores.

You can purchase House of Fraser giftcards for delivery from their website:  Gift Card purchase pages.  Orders under £50 are charged £3 delivery.

You can also get House of Fraser giftcards from Voucher Express where the delivery fee is a lower £1.75, or from the Tesco giftcard store where the delivery fee is £1.50 up to £50, £2.95 over (in which case you’re better off getting direct from House of Fraser where the delivery is free for orders over £50).

Anything else I should know about House of Fraser gift vouchers and cards?

House of Fraser gift cards will expire 24 months from date of last load, e.g. card activation, top-up or refund. At expiry, any remaining balance will be lost.  If you’re approaching expiry date but don’t want to spend it just yet, you could top up the card at the till at any House of Fraser store to prolong the validity period.

There are some products that House of Fraser sell that they will not accept Gift Cards as a method of payment for.  Specifically, House of Fraser gift cards cannot be used to purchase white goods, large kitchen appliances, Bivolino custom-made shirts and Montgomery made to measure curtains, accessories and fabrics.

Free Standard Delivery on orders over £50