Boots Gift card balance | Check Boots giftcard balance online

To check your Boots Gift Card Balance online you can click here  ( for details.

About Boots

Boots Gift Card

Boots Gift Card

Boots was established by John Boot in 1849 in Nottingham.  Nottingham is still the UK home of Boots although the company is now owned by the American pharmacy chain Walgreens. Boots offers pharmacy services and a huge range of gifts in many of its stores including fragrances from Diesel, Armani and Marc Jacobs and make-up from leading brands including Maybelline, Benefit and Smashbox plus Boots’ own No. 7 brand. The Boots Gift Card is therefore a popular choice as there’s so much variation in the products that can be bought with it.

How can I check the balance of a Boots gift card online?

  • Currently, Boots don’t have the facility to check gift card balances online.  If this changes we will of course update this page as soon as we can. We last checked this on the Boots Website in December 2021.
  • You can call Boots on 0345 120 5677 to request a Boots giftcard balance over the phone.  Please be aware that this is not an automated service and is only open during office hours.  Telephone calls are charged at your standard network rate, so if you have “free”/”inclusive” minutes, this call will be included.  This telephone number is operated by Boots.
  • You can find the current balance of a Boots gift card by presenting the card(s) at any Boots or Boots Opticians store.

Where can I buy a Boots gift card?

You can buy a Boots giftcard from any of their UK stores.  Click here to find your nearest Boots store.

Boots gift cards are also sold at branches of Morrisons supermarket.

Boots don’t sell their giftcards online themselves, however £10 and £20 gift cards are available from The Gift Card Centre, with postage from £1.95.

Where can I spend my Boots giftcard?

You can spend Boots giftcards at any Boots store or branch of Boots Opticians.  Currently, you can’t use the cards online at

Anything else I should know about Boots gift cards?

Your Boots giftcard will expire 24 months after the last use. If your Boots gift card expires, you will lose the value on the card. You can top-up a Boots gift card at any Boots till so you could make a top-up if your card is about to expire but you’re not ready to spend it yet.

The Body Shop Gift Card Balance | Check Body Shop Gift Card Online

Do you have a Body Shop Gift card and need to know the balance available to spend? Click here for The Body Shop Gift Card Balance Checker.

About The Body Shop

The Body Shop Gift Cards

The Body Shop was started by Dame Anita Roddick from a single shop from Brighton in 1976. From the start The Body Shop has been against all forms of animal testing. The business started with just 25 products Roddick had made herself, packaged in hospital urine bottles and labelled in her own hand.

The Body Shop has moved on massively from these beginnings, but has stayed true to its beliefs through time and through changes of ownership. The Body Shop still tests none of its products or ingredients on animals and is a major campaigning force on the issue. The company’s products are certified cruelty-free by Cruelty Free International’s Leaping Bunny. Major successes for The Body Shop include a successful campaign to get a Europe-wide ban on cosmetics animal testing.

Where can I buy a Body Shop Gift Card?

You can purchase gift cards for The Body Shop online from their store by clicking here. They also offer an e-gift version of the gift card which can be sent instantly by email for the perfect last-minute gift.

Superdrug Gift Card Balance Check Online| Superdrug Gift Card Balance Checker

About Superdrug

Superdrug Gift Card Balance

Superdrug Gift Card

Superdrug is the UK’s fastest growing Health and Beauty retailer with over 800 stores across the country and they have announced their intention to open over 100 more in the next few years.  Click here to find your nearest Superdrug store.

Where can I check my Superdrug giftcard balance?

Currently, it’s not possible to check the balance of your Superdrug gift card online although we understand from them that this is something they are looking at providing in the future.

You can find your current balance out by presenting your card at the till at any Superdrug store.  Click here to find your nearest store.

You can call Superdrug on 03456 710 709.  This telephone number is operated by Superdrug and calls are charged at geographic rates so inclusive mobile minutes can be used to call this number.

Where can I buy Superdrug gift cards from?

You can buy Superdrug gift cards from any Superdrug store.  They are supplied with free gift wallets.

Where can I spend Superdrug gift cards?

The cards can be redeemed in any Superdrug store but for the moment cannot be redeemed online.  We’ll of course update this page if this changes. (Data checked December 2021 at Checked online with Superdrug here)

Anything else I should know about Superdrug gift cards?

If the card isn’t used for a consecutive period of 24 months, then any balance on it will be reduced to zero.  You can top up a Superdrug gift card up to the maximum balance of £100 at any Superdrug store in the UK.  Our top tip is: if your card is about to expire and you’re not ready to spend it yet, go to a store and top it up to get another 24 months’ validity on the card and prevent it from expiring.


Estee Lauder Gift Card Balance Checker | Find Estée Lauder Gift Balance

Checking your Estee Lauder gift card balance

To check the balance on an Estée Lauder giftcard or an Estée Lauder e-gift card, click here.

About Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder Gift Card Balance

Estée Lauder Gift Card Balance

Estée Lauder is a maker of high-end cosmetics and beauty products in America. Established in 1946 in New York by Estée Lauder and her husband Joseph Lauder, the company’s products are sold and loved Worldwide.  The first stockist of Estee Lauder products was Harrods in 1960, and the products are have been available in the former Soviet Union since the 1980’s.

Where can I check my Estée Lauder gift card balance?

You can check your Estee Lauder gift card balance online at this page of the Estée Lauder website.

You can enquire about the gift card balance on freephone 08081 782066 (this number is operated by Estée Lauder).

Where can I spend my Estée Lauder gift card?

You can only spend your Estée Lauder gift card online at their website, here.  It cannot be used at cosmetic counters within department stores, Estée Lauder concessions in stores or in airports.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. Beauty Sleep In A Bottle. Shop Now

Where can I buy an Estée Lauder gift card?

You can buy a gift card to be sent by email from the official Estée Lauder gift card website at  Delivery is made instantly (or at a date and time of your choosing) either to you or your intended recipient, by giving their email address.

Anything else I need to know about the gift cards?

Great news – Estée Lauder gift cards have no expiry date, so you don’t have to worry about them expiring!

MAC Gift card | Check MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics Gift Card Balance

About MAC

MAC gift cards

MAC gift cards

MAC (Make-up Art Cosmetics) often written as M·A·C is an American make-up company founded in 1984 in Toronto. More recently, it was bought out by the Estee Lauder group of companies. M·A·C is known for its stylish black boxes. Fans of its cosmetics swear by the foundations, eye shadows and lip-glosses. M·A·C has a devoted following worldwide among stylish women and increasingly, men.

Where can I check my MAC giftcard balance?

You can enter your gift card details on the MAC giftcard balance checker to see your latest balance.

Where can I spend my MAC gift card?

OK, this is where is gets complicated.  The card is welcome at MAC “Boutique” stores.  Basically, these are stores owned by MAC.  In the UK, there are 7 of these dotted around London.

You can buy MAC cosmetics in some department stores, such as those in House of Fraser, but you can’t use the giftcard here.

MAC have a few stores in UK airports, particularly Heathrow, but for some reason you can’t use the cards here.

MAC have a mail order operation, but you can’t use the cards here.

MAC have an online store at – you can use your MAC cosmetics gift card here.

Where can I buy a MAC cosmetics gift card?

Some department stores, such as House of Fraser, offer MAC cosmetics branded gift cards – confusingly though, these are really just House of Fraser gift cards – so you can use them there, but nowhere else.

You can buy “MAC” gift cards, which can be redeemed at their stores and on their online shopping site from any of the MAC Boutique stores in the UK.

You can buy MAC gift cards online from their website at – they also have an electronic version of the gift card for instant delivery at   Interestingly, they don’t charge for postage.

There’s another option too, and quite a modern one.  Go to “Giftoff” and you can buy a MAC gift card using Bitcoins!

Does a MAC cosmetics gift card expire?

No.  Their website states that their gift card has “No fixed expiry date” so you can take your time spending it!