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About Boots

Boots Gift Card

Boots Gift Card

Boots was established by John Boot in 1849 in Nottingham.  Nottingham is still the UK home of Boots although the company is now owned by the American pharmacy chain Walgreens. Boots offers pharmacy services and a huge range of gifts in many of its stores including fragrances from Diesel, Armani and Marc Jacobs and make-up from leading brands including Maybelline, Benefit and Smashbox plus Boots’ own No. 7 brand. The Boots Gift Card is therefore a popular choice as there’s so much variation in the products that can be bought with it.

How can I check the balance of a Boots gift card online?

  • Currently, Boots don’t have the facility to check gift card balances online.  If this changes we will of course update this page as soon as we can. We last checked this on the Boots Website in November 2020.
  • You can call Boots on 0345 120 5677 to request a Boots giftcard balance over the phone.  Please be aware that this is not an automated service and is only open during office hours.  Telephone calls are charged at your standard network rate, so if you have “free”/”inclusive” minutes, this call will be included.  This telephone number is operated by Boots.
  • You can find the current balance of a Boots gift card by presenting the card(s) at any Boots or Boots Opticians store.

Where can I buy a Boots gift card?

You can buy a Boots giftcard from any of their UK stores.  Click here to find your nearest Boots store.

Boots gift cards are also sold at branches of Morrisons supermarket.

Boots don’t sell their giftcards online themselves, however £10 and £20 gift cards are available from The Gift Card Centre, with postage from £1.95.

Where can I spend my Boots giftcard?

You can spend Boots giftcards at any Boots store or branch of Boots Opticians.  Currently, you can’t use the cards online at

Anything else I should know about Boots gift cards?

Your Boots giftcard will expire 24 months after the last use. If your Boots giftcard expires, you will lose the value on the card. You can top-up a Boots gift card at any Boots till so you could make a top-up if your card is about to expire but you’re not ready to spend it yet.


  • sarah

    Please provide a facility to check gift card balances online. Its all very well saying we can go in store or contact the number but most staff instores treat this as an inconvenience.

    • Graham Potter


      Why should a Boots gift voucher expire after only two years, Marks and Spencer give yo up to EIGHT YEARS, My housebound elderly mother just found some in a drawer she has lost Twenty Pounds, poor show Boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M keogh

    very poor service -we should be able to check our card balance online.

  • Jez

    Ridiculous in 2016 you can’t check balance OR shop online ??? Not everyone can actually get to a store…….. discriminating against disabled, elderly & the ill. Never heard anything as ridiculous !!!!

  • Tamsin Elkington

    Disgraceful how you can’t check your balance online for boots gift cards.Boots is a major store and the majority of other even smaller stores provide this courtesy.Boots must make millions through this discrimitive process.
    I certainly won’t ever buy a gift voucher from boots ever again and will do my best to boycott the store and encourage my friendson to fact superdruget is a far better store.goodbye Boots

  • Jan

    Absolutely ridiculous that we cannot check our gift card balances online at Boots.
    You say check it in store but you always have to queue up and then you have to queue up again to buy your goods. Boots please get this sorted especially for people who are not perhaps so mobile that they can do this easily.

  • Kevin naughton

    Absolutely ridiculous that we cannot check gift card balances online or shop online at Boots.
    You say check it in store but you always have to queue up and then you have to queue up again to buy your goods.

  • Lina

    I wished I had read the above comment before I bought the gift card. Certainly this will be the last time. Come on Boots, pull your boots up & move with the times .

  • carolyn dorey

    I think its about time boots got up to date, So customers can check online balance of their gift cards. Staff at some BOOTS store do not seam to want to check our Balance.

  • Kim Simmonds

    Absolute turd you can’t check balance or spend a voucher online. Not convenient at all!

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