Pizza Express Gift card | Check Pizza Express Gift Card Balance

About Pizza Express

Pizza Express Gift Card

Pizza Express Gift Card

Pizza Express was founded in London in 1969 by Peter Boizot who was inspired to bring a pizza oven and Italian chef back from a trip to Italy.  The chain expanded and through an association with jazz music (the brand offers Jazz nights regularly at several of its restaurants to this day).  The restaurant offers Italian style pizzas that are lighter than the American-inspired pizza available elsewhere, together with Italian inspired starters, desserts and drinks.  Their dough balls are a perennial favourite.

Pizza Express now have over 400 restaurants and occasional “pop-up” restaurants.

Where can I check my Pizza Express gift card balance?

Pizza Express have an online balance enquiry page here.

You can also check your Pizza Express gift card balance at any of their restaurants.

Where can I buy a Pizza Express gift card?

Pizza Express gift cards are available at any of the 400+ restaurants, and selected supermarkets including Sainsburys and Tesco.  Tesco often have special offers on Pizza Express giftcards in store and online, meaning you can get up to 20% off the face value of the cards from time to time.

You can buy a Pizza Express gift card from the official Pizza Express giftcard store, online here (note that postage charges may apply).

Does a Pizza Express gift card expire?

Yes – if the card is not used for 18 months, any balance on the card will be lost.

Anything else I should know?

You can use Pizza Express gift cards to pay bills at the restaurant even when claiming a special offer, such as the Nectar “buy one get one free” deal, or other discounts available from time to time through the Pizza Express offers page.  So if you’ve managed to get your giftcard at a discount, so much the better!

Nando’s Gift Card | Check Nando’s Gift Card Balance online

About Nando’s

Nando's Gift Card

Nando’s Gift Card

Nando’s hails from South Africa and operates over 280 UK branches, the first of which was Ealing. It employs well over 8000 happy staff in the UK and has won a Sunday Times “Best Places to work” award. The restaurants are decorated with original works of art, normally from South Africa, and the chain claims to house the largest single collection of South African artworks in the UK. The food offering is based around the famous Nando’s Piri-Piri chicken which is of Mozambican-Portuguese origin. Nando’s can justly claim to be a genuinely international restaurant brand, having stores in Australia, India, New Zealand, the UAE and Nigeria, to name but a few of the countries currently served by the company.

Can I get a Nando’s Black Card?

Legend has it that the very rich, very famous or very cool can be issued with a ‘Nando’s Black Card’ which entitles them to free food in return for being seen in their restaurants. This might be the stuff of gossip mags, or might just be true. Needless to say we don’t have one, but if Nando’s would like to send us one…. Still, the next best thing to this hallowed ‘Black Card’ would of course be a Nando’s gift card – a very popular gift choice as Nando’s is genuinely a very tasty place to eat.

Where can I check my Nando’s gift card balance?

You can check your Nando’s gift card balance by handing the card to the staff at the till at any Nando’s branch.

Where can I buy a Nando’s gift card?

The cards are available to buy at any Nando’s store.  Click here to find your nearest Nando’s.

Nando’s gift cards are also available in branches of Morrisons supermarket.

Where can I spend my Nando’s gift card?

As you might expect – in Nando’s!  There are not spendable anywhere else.


Anything else I need to know?

If you register your Nando’s giftcard online and subsequently lose the card, you can contact the company for a replacement.  If you lose the card and haven’t registered then unfortunately they cannot replace it for you, so look after it as you would cash.

The Nando’s gift card will expire 18 months after the last transaction. Any balance left on the card if it expires is lost.  You can check your balance and the date of the last use online here.  A balance check does not reset the validity period of the Nando’s card, but if you’re not ready to use it and it’s nearing expiry then you can always pop into a Nando’s store and top it up.

Loch Fyne Gift Card | Check Loch Fyne Gift Card Balance

About Loch Fyne Restaurants

Loch Fyne Gift Card

Loch Fyne Gift Card

Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill operates out of 37 locations in the UK, predominantly grand old buildings in cities and large towns.  You can find a full list of Loch Fyne restaurant locations here.

Loch Fyne takes it’s name from a sea Loch on the West coast Scotland.

Originally known as Loch Fyne Oysters, the restaurant chain was split off in 2008 when it was bought by the Greene King brewery.  Loch Fyne Oysters lives on as a separate entity, and as the main supplier of the seafood used across the restaurant chain.

Where can I check my Loch Fyne gift card balance?

You can check your Loch Fyne gift card balance at their balance enquiry page

You are also able to get a balance enquiry at any Loch Fyne restaurant, or connected Greene King pub.

Where can I spend my Loch Fyne gift card?

The Loch Fyne gift card can be spent at any Loch Fyne restaurant in the UK, but also other restaurants and pubs within the Greene King group, which currently includes Hungry Horse, Old English Inns, Belhaven, Eating Inn, Local Pubs, We Love Flame Grill and Greene King Meet and Eat.

Does a Loch Fyne gift card expire?

If the card is unused for a period of 2 years, it will expire and any balance remaining will be removed and lost.

Where can I buy a Loch Fyne gift card?

You can pick up a Loch Fyne branded card at any one of their restaurants in the UK, or online at   Please note there is a charge of at least £1.70 for delivery.

Greene King gift cards are also welcomed at Loch Fyne, and these can be bought at several gift card retailers, including Tesco supermarkets.



Pizza Hut Gift Card Balance | Check Pizza Hut giftcard balance

Pizza Hit Gift Card

Pizza Hut Gift Card

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 in Kansas, USA by students Dan and Frank Carney who borrowed $600 from their mum to finance the first restaurant. Pizza Hut now has over 11,000 outlets Worldwide, including over 700 in the UK.

The first UK Pizza Hut was opened back in 1973 in Islington, North London.

Where is my nearest Pizza Hut?

You can find out whether there is a Pizza Hut near you on this page.

Where can I check my Pizza Hut gift card balance?

  • You can check the balance on your Pizza Hut Gift card by visiting this page.
  • Alternatively, you can check a Pizza Hut giftcard balance by calling Freephone 0808 180 1306.

Where can I buy a Pizza Hut gift card?

You can purchase Pizza Hut gift cards at any Pizza Hut restaurant in the UK.

You can also buy Pizza Hut gift cards online for postal delivery at the Pizza Hut Giftcard website.

Anything I need to know?

The Pizza Hut gift card expires 12 months after being issued, regardless of any purchases made.  So you need to spend the full amount within a year, otherwise you will lose it.

Pizza Hut UK giftcards can only be used in UK Pizza Hut restaurants – they cannot be used in Pizza Hut restaurants in the United States, or anywhere else outside the United Kingdom.

Anything else?

It’s not really relevant to the gift card, but check out this TV commercial from the dim distant past where Jonathan Ross and Caprice advertise the then new Stuffed Crust Pizza !

Check your Five Guys UK Gift Card Balance | Five Guys UK Giftcard balance checker

About Five Guys

Five Guys UK gift card

Five Guys UK gift card

Founded by Janie and Jerry Murell in the United States (Arlington, Virginia) in 1986, the original “Five Guys” were Ben, Chad, Jim, Matt and Jerry – Ben, Chad, Jim and Matt being Jerry and Janie’s four sons.

The concept proved very popular and after expanding throughout the US, Five Guys first hit the UK in Covent Garden, London, in 2013.

The rest is history I guess – they’ve expanded rapidly in the UK and now have 27 restaurants in the UK – and growing.

Five Guys food is a real treat – yes, it’s more expensive than more run-of-the-mill quick serve product, but it’s also in a different class.  Burgers are made to be devoured, delicious, juicy with tasty toppings that actually taste like the ingredients.  The fries are made with care, fried in peanut oil with crisp skin on shells and a fluffy inside like mashed potato.  Can you tell we’re big fans of Five Guys, by any chance?

The Five Guys within Birmingham New Street station also serves breakfast.  Having not sampled this, we can only guess at what delicious breakfast offerings are on hand.  It’s almost worth getting on the train to Brum just to find out.

Where can I check my Five Guys UK gift card balance?

You can check your balance online on this page of the Five Guys website.

Where can I spend my Five Guys gift card?

You can spend your Five Guys gift card at any UK Five Guys restaurant.  You can’t use the cards on a visit to the States (US stores have their own gift card system), and for the moment you can’t use the gift card if placing an order through the Five Guys website or using the Five Guys app (which only accepts Visa or Mastercard at present).

If you like delicious, fresh and amazingly tasty burgers then you’ll already know where all the Five Guys stores are in the UK, but just in case you need a reminder;

London Five Guys

Argyll Street, W1F 7TE
Covent Garden, WC2E 9LH
Ealing Broadway, W5 2NT
Islington, N1 0NY
Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 1QJ
Putney, SW15 1SQ
The O2, SE10 0DX
Uxbridge High Street, UB8 1JZ
Charing Cross, WC2N 6NA
Westfield, W12 7GD
Wimbledon Broadway, SW19 1RQ
Kings Cross, N1 9NP


South East England Five Guys

Bluewater Shopping Centre, DA9 9SG
Guildford Friary Street, GU1 4EH
Milton Keynes Xscape, MK9 3XS
Reading Oracle, RG1 2AG
Whiteley Shopping Park, PO15 7PD

North West England Five Guys

Ashton Under Lyne, OL7 0PG
Trafford Centre, M17 8AA
Liverpool Queens Square, L1 1RH

East England Five Guys

Cambridge Clinton Road, CB1 7DY
Water Gardens, Harlow, CM20 1AQ
Thurrock Lakeside, RM20 2ZP

West Midlands Five Guys

Birmingham Five Ways, B15 1AY
Bullring, B5 5BU
Touchwood Solihull, B91 3GS (Solihull: the difference is pronounced!)
New Street Station Birmingham, B2 4QE

South West Five Guys

Bristol Cabot Circus, BS1 3BX

Yorkshire Five Guys

Leeds City Centre, LS1 6DL
Leeds Kirkstall, LS4 2DG
Meadowhall Sheffield, S9 1EP
Centertainment, Sheffield, S9 2EP

East Midlands Five Guys

Leicester Cheapside, LE1 5EB
Nottingham, NG1 2DR

Five guys UK gift card expiry

The Five Guys gift card automatically expires 2 years after last being used or topped up. However, given how tasty their food is, you won’t let that happen will you?

Where can I buy a Five Guys UK gift card

Currently, the only place to buy these is in the stores themselves.  So if you want to buy one for a friend, you’ll just have to go down to a store.  Sadly, this means you will be tempted to buy some food.  Can’t help that, them’s the breaks mate.

Where can I get Five Guys UK coupons and discounts

No use searching Groupon or Living Social for Five Guys coupons I’m afraid: they don’t do discount.  In fact, it’s Five Guys policy not to offer discount coupons or offers – they feel discounts in price are discounts in quality.  The only way to get free Five Guys is to work for them.  No wonder their staff look so chipper.