Morrisons Supermarket Gift Card | Morrisons Gift Card Balance

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Morrisons Gift Voucher

Morrisons Gift Voucher

About Morrisons

Morrison’s is the UK’s third biggest supermarket group behind Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Founded in Bradford in 1899 by William Morrison, the supermarket prospered in the North with it’s no-nonsense style of retailing under the management of Sir Ken Morrison and his team. In 2004 the group took over the (much bigger) Safeway stores.

Morrisons Gift Cards/Vouchers

Morrisons don’t actually have a gift card which is pretty weird given they make a big play for selling other retailer cards in their stores. Instead, they use the rather unattractive gift vouchers pictured, that Noah probably used to stock the pantry of his Ark.

If you want to know the balance of your Morrison’s gift voucher, look on the front.

The Morrison’s gift voucher can only be spent in a Morrison’s store. There is no way to redeem it online.

All this will change in the future no doubt, and when it does we’ll make sure we update this page for you.


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